Why is BeerMe a subscription?
Beer is life. Our beer expert assures us sharing a beer regularly is good for your health. This is why we want to make sure you never spend a moment with your friends without some ready-to-sip nectar. Every month, you can try new flavour combinations, knowing each beer received our chef’s seal of approval.

How can I choose what’s in my box?
At the moment, you cannot choose the content of the box. In fact, the whole idea behind BeerMe is to let you discover new products and have you taste a wide selection of carefully selected beers.
What we can promise, though, is that every box you receive will be different from the previous ones.

Can I gift the box to someone else? To anyone?
Beer is made to be shared. That’s why you can offer it to your loved ones.

How do the subscriptions work? Are they for life?
It’s quite simple: every month you receive a new selection of the worlds’ best beers. You can start today. The subscription will not be renewed without your consent.

What are the payment options? Do you accept dollars?
We would like to accept cash or blank cheques. Unfortunately, our banker requires us to only accept advance payments by credit card, twint, postFinance.


I’m thirsty! When will I receive my box?
All gone already? Every box is sent at the end of the month. Just be patient with our carriers. Alternatively, you can always order a larger box.

What happens if I’m not home? Is my box gone for good?
You will receive a delivery notice and you can ask for a second delivery or to pick it up at the nearest office. Or you can ask us to leave it on your front door but it’s more expensive. Don’t bother complaining about it to us, take it up with the post office.

What happens if I move?
Update your delivery address in your profile!


Where does the beer come from?
The beers come from all over the world. With our partners, we travelled far to find premium quality and tasty beers to add to your box. We are always hunting for new products and new flavours.

Is BeerMe suitable for people with allergies?
BeerMe is not suitable for people with allergies. Most beers contain gluten, and some may have traces of other allergens, varying on the brewer’s recipe and mood.

Where are the boxes prepared?
All our BeerMe boxes are prepared in our facility in the Canton of Vaud. Each beer is manually selected and packaged by our fabulous BeerMe team!

What is “the best of beer”?
It’s a marketing tool to let you believe that our beer expert knows what he’s talking about. But don't worry, he never selects a beer before guzzling down a whole box.